Why work with United Mechanical and Donohue?

United Mechanical and Donohue deliver services customers can count on. We work with highly trained, proven tradespeople from across Oklahoma to ensure that our construction, maintenance, and repair services deliver what customers and their businesses need.

We rely on local expertise and customer-centric solutions to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality from the planning stage to post-project maintenance.


Our company and staff take the same detail-oriented approach to every project, relying on our experience and knowledge of plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal work, and HVAC systems to plan for the unexpected and meet aggressive project deadlines. And we make sure to keep our customers involved, explaining our process and progress every step of the way.

Our Values

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Quality
  • Fairness

Our Vision

  • Leveraging local expertise to provide innovative planning, design, and execution for construction, maintenance, and repair services.

Our Mission

  • Delivering high-quality industrial and commercial solutions delivered with customer-centric service.

Who Do We Serve?

Our team is composed of experienced professionals who can help you determine your needs for heating, cooling or ventilation systems as well as provide advice on how to best meet those needs. 

We will work closely with you from start to finish so that we understand exactly what it is you need and want. Our goal is to make sure that when you leave United Mechanical, you feel comfortable knowing that all aspects of your project were handled professionally and efficiently.


We understand what is needed to provide your customers with the ideal banking experience. Items in safety deposit boxes can have specific storage needs related to humidity and temperature — and our HVAC designs account for this from the get-go.

Data Centers

The storage of server towers and other key technological infrastructure comes with unique challenges and HVAC specifications. Our team knows exactly what is needed to keep your data center cool and in perfect working order.

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

All medical facilities face specific challenges related to the prevention and transmission of airborne diseases. Our HVAC technicians and designers work directly with your building’s manager to make sure filtration, humidity and temperature fit your specifications.

Industrial & Warehouse

Warehouses and other industrial spaces can present special challenges to HVAC systems. We’ve worked with numerous industrial facilities and find a tailored solution that addresses your specific climate concerns.


When they head back to school, most students, teachers and staff need to return to a comfortable, climate-controlled environment. We’re experienced in addressing HVAC issues for public schools, private schools and institutions of higher education.


HVAC is a necessity in most offices and professional working environments. We work to help your building’s HVAC remain in balance with the needs of your worker’s environment while also keeping an eye on your bottom line. 

Houses of Worship

Air conditioning and heating systems should be quiet, efficient, and unobtrusive in worship spaces. We’re experienced at customizing HVAC systems to meet the needs of your congregation and keep your attendees comfortable.  

Our History

United Mechanical, Inc. was formed in December of 1975 to provide superior mechanical construction services to the commercial and industrial marketplace. Since our inception, we have become one of the largest mechanical contractors in the state of Oklahoma.

United Mechanical Service, Inc., as well as our sheet metal division, was added in the fall of 1982. In the spring of 1995, we acquired a service company in Tulsa, OK, Donohue Commercial Service, Inc. The addition of these divisions allows us to provide comprehensive mechanical services for our customers. The company began by providing unsurpassed customer service, high-quality workmanship, and technically competent, courteous personnel. These qualities are as important today as they were in 1975.

Our true product is not pipe, fitting, and ductwork, but service to the customer.  Unsurpassed customer service is and always will be the primary goal of our organization.


The United Mechanical family

Since 1976, United Mechanical has served our customers with integrity and a commitment to excellence. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our customer-centric service.

Learn how our three divisions, United Mechanical Construction, United Mechanical Service, and Donohue Commercial Service, have served customers across Oklahoma for over 45 years with unmatched construction, maintenance, and repair services for HVAC and plumbing systems.


United Mechanical Construction, Oklahoma City

At United Mechanical Construction, our team specializes in helping customers build or retrofit existing HVAC systems.

When dealing with commercial spaces, HVAC and plumbing-related projects always come with something unexpected. With our proven and certified staff, you and your business will be ready to face the unexpected. With our collective experience and skill, we help our customers navigate any issues that their existing HVAC and plumbing systems have so we can complete our projects successfully and on time. 

Our team’s expertise in pre-planning and fabrication will help you reduce operating costs, implement energy-efficient designs, and set you up for easier long-term maintenance of your systems. From piping and ductwork fabrication to installation and plumbing, we handle all the work at our in-house fabrication shops in Oklahoma City to ensure quality and complete projects on schedule.


United Mechanical Service, Oklahoma City

Our United Mechanical Services team delivers end-to-end maintenance and repair services for our customers’ industrial and commercial systems.

We’ve been providing a full range of HVAC and plumbing services to Oklahoma businesses since 1976, using our expertise and training to maintain and repair mechanical systems consistently.


We also operate a monthly subscription service model through our Proactive Preventative Maintenance Program. This program includes maintenance, diagnostic, and repair services that help cut long-term costs for your business as our team works to prevent HVAC system failures and reduce energy consumption.

And United Mechanical Services also offers 24/7 emergency services and personalized points of contact for each customer account. We understand that functional commercial HVAC and plumbing directly impacts revenue, especially consumer-facing spaces. 


That’s why we maintain accountability for all the maintenance and repair work we do. If your equipment fails, United Mechanical Services will repair it at no additional cost.


Donohue Commercial Service, Tulsa, Oklahoma

We also provide a full range of construction and maintenance services for the commercial and industrial sector through our team at Donohue Commercial Service in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our team in Tulsa provides 24-hour emergency repair services for all makes and brands of HVAC equipment, which is why we’re so trusted in our field.

But while we offer emergency services when you need them, we focus on delivering quality preventative maintenance for HVAC and plumbing systems. At Donohue Commercial Service, we believe that planning ahead is the best way to save money and reduce costs when it comes to industrial and commercial systems.

We offer a unique Proactive Preventative Maintenance Program and we’re committed to reducing your business’s unplanned expenses and system downtime. Let our services provide you with savings, peace of mind, and more uninterrupted time to get work done to support your business’s long-term growth and success.


Our People

United Mechanical is a team-oriented company, and we care about each and every member of our staff. We’re always looking for construction and HVAC professionals ready to match our team’s integrity and commitment to excellent customer service. United Mechanical is an equal opportunity employer, and our family-run atmosphere welcomes applicants and new employees from all backgrounds.

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