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Companies large and small have been relying on United Mechanical Services since 1976 to provide a full range of HVAC mechanical services to the commercial and industrial sector.

United is a member of the nationwide LINC Network, and we want to be your single source mechanical contractor for designing, engineering, plumbing, retrofitting, repairing and maintaining your HVAC systems.

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Benefits of the United Mechanical Difference

Commercial HVAC Service

Choosing United Mechanical as your services partner has many benefits, such as our unique Proactive Preventative Maintenance Program, designed to minimize your HVAC failures and reduce your energy consumption. For a set monthly fee, we will take care of all your maintenance, diagnostics and even repairs. 

Working with us will reduce your unplanned capital expenditures and save you money in energy costs, not to mention the added peace of mind of knowing your mechanical systems are fully looked after. You will have more time to focus on your business and decide what to do with all the money you’re saving.

One of the secrets of our success is that we focus on delivering a great customer experience, with 24/7 emergency services and personalized points of contact for our customers. Our team is incredibly committed and passionate, and we make efforts to help our employees grow and meet their personal and professional goals.

Commercial Mechanical Maintenance

We have been providing Professional Proactive Preventative Maintenance since 1976, and we know a thing or two about why proactive maintenance is the key to efficiency and savings:

  • Regular preventative maintenance reduces owning and operating costs, since the equipment is always running efficiently and with no loss of output.
  • Maintenance expenses are kept low, since all potential issues are detected early when there is a simple, inexpensive solution, instead of letting them become a real problem through lack of supervision.
  • Dirty filters, dirty motors and leaky ducts can increase the energy demands on the HVAC system to achieve the same results. By keeping the system cleaned and checked, you avoid spending money without need, and keep your energy bills low.
  • Being vigilant about your equipment means most outages can be prevented, and repairs or replacements can be planned and carried out in an economical and unobtrusive manner.
  • Emergencies are not only stressful - they are costly in many ways. We help you prevent emergencies, and if your equipment requires repairs we take care of them with no additional cost.

Commercial Mechanical Repair

Commercial HVAC is tied directly to your bottom line - uncomfortable clients leave faster and spend less money, while uncomfortable employees will be less productive and may get sick more often.

We offer you a complete support package with total accountability - we will take responsibility if your equipment fails, and repair it at no additional cost. Think of all the stress and money you could save yourself with a mechanical services partner who really steps to the plate and delivers for you.

Our Performance Guarantee is clear: If anything breaks, we will repair or replace it at our expense. And you can be sure you will speak to a person when you call for service, 24/7. Let us help you save money, time and stress while you make the most of your HVAC equipment and other mechanical installations.

Plumbing Maintenance and Repair

Plumbing systems are essential for the operation of any commercial building, but they also represent a significant threat in the event of a system failure. An improperly installed or maintained plumbing fixture can cause a leak or other issue that leads to water damage. These events are often expensive and time-consuming to repair and can be difficult to catch until the damage has spread, especially in the case of concealed fixtures like pipes. Other possible issues caused by faulty plumbing include water contamination and poor drainage, which can cause just as many, if not more, problems for you.

Thorough, routine plumbing maintenance is the best way to protect against these possibilities. By inspecting your plumbing fixtures, anticipating potential failures, and preventing them, we ensure your risk for damaging and dangerous water issues is kept as low as possible. We work on a large selection of fixtures including:

• Water Heaters      • Toilets and Urinals
• Flush Valves         • Sinks and Faucets
• Exposed Pipe       • Backflow Preventers
• Floor and              • Sump Pumps
Roof Drains

We can also provide annual certification for backflow preventers, a proactive way of helping you prevent dangerous contamination issues and maintain compliance for your building. Our plumbing maintenance services focus on preventing these and other kinds of problems that threaten your building, rather than on extending the life of your plumbing fixtures. Because of the risks posed by plumbing equipment, it is not recommended to try to extend the life of these fixtures, as the risk they can pose to your building increases dramatically as they age. 

In the event that a fixture does break or otherwise require repair, we’re able to diagnose the problem and fix or replace the necessary components quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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Who We Work With



Airborne diseases can pose a unique challenge when designing HVAC systems for medical facilities. Our HVAC professionals work directly with building managers to design and maintain systems that keep filtration, humidity, and temperature at consistently safe levels.



Administrators at public and private education institutions have come to rely on us to meet their HVAC needs. Working together, we can create a system that ensures your teachers and students have an optimal learning environment.


Data Centers

HVAC services should be part of the planning for and maintenance of data centers. As factors such as temperature, humidity, air flow, and filtration impact servers and systems functionality, it’s important to work with an experienced team of HVAC experts who can help you keep your data center functioning smoothly.



Keep your customers and employees safe and comfortable with a custom-designed HVAC system. We work with you to design a system that meets specific temperature, humidity, air quality, and airflow needs for each area of your bank.

Medical Facilities

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities must meet specific requirements for air quality. HVAC systems are mission-critical to helping prevent the spread of airborne contaminants, germs, organisms, and odors. Our trained HVAC technicians can work with facility engineers and management to build a system that meets all of the needs of your facility.


Climate-Controlled Facilities

Typically, a climate-controlled facility is a location that specializes in storage requiring a consistent temperature. The team at United Mechanical will assess, diagnose, and create the HVAC solutions that are a perfect fit for your indoor location.



A reliable HVAC system is critical to keeping your employees happy and healthy. An efficient system can help you control your operating expense and ensure continuity of work. We will work with you to design a system to meet your heating, cooling and filtration needs while keeping an eye on the bottom line.



A packed crowd in the auditorium can be considered a sign of success and growth. However, if that crowd is uncomfortable due to extreme temperatures, success will quickly revert to failure. Our team of HVAC experts can work with you to design a system that is versatile, efficient, quiet and reliable.


Manufacturing Industries

Our experienced team will work with you to develop a solution to address the challenges presented in industrial settings. We know from experience that high ceilings, large buildings, open expanses, machinery that generates heat and air contaminants, are just some of the obstacles your HVAC system must overcome.


Services we offer

  • LINC Service Agreements
  • 24 Hour Emergency Service
  • Centrifugal Chillers
  • Absorption Chillers
  • Reciprocating Chillers
  • Packaged A/C Units
  • CFC Reclamation/Banking
  • DDC and Pneumatic Controls
  • System/Building Analysis
  • Energy Management
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Commercial Plumbing
  • Medium & Low Temp Refrigeration
  • Air Handling Units
  • Eddy Current Testing
  • Oil Analysis
  • Infrared Analysis
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