Interested in a career with United Mechanical? Find out more about what HVAC careers involve and why this line of work can offer great potential for your next career move.


Explore HVAC careers working for United Mechanical

Repairing, designing, and maintaining HVAC systems can be a satisfying profession for many people. Not only are HVAC salaries competitive compared to other trades, but technicians have the rewarding opportunity to solve complex problems with mechanical systems.


And at United Mechanical, you can develop other professional skills at the same time. Our employees handle everything from design and engineering to maintenance and repair across our three branches: United Mechanical Construction, United Mechanical Service, and Donohue Commercial Service 


We do it all, and you can be a part of the process. With proper training and a great work environment, an HVAC career can allow you to reach your full potential as you develop technical knowledge and skills, project management experience, and industry expertise. 

Why work for United Mechanical?

At United Mechanical, we’re team-oriented, and that means we always strive to give our HVAC technicians the training and support they need to succeed and grow in their profession.

We want you to reach your full potential because that’s good for our employees and our business, so we make sure to support our technicians as they stay up to date on the latest technologies, HVAC certifications, and training programs.

Our HVAC technicians specialize in installing and repairing air conditioning and refrigeration units, heating, cooling, and ventilation systems.

HVAC jobs offer long-term stability through economic changes because commercial customers will always need these services.

We’re always looking for construction and HVAC professionals ready to match our company values: integrity, fairness, honesty, and quality. If that sounds like you, we’re interested in seeing you apply to work with us.

Is HVAC a good career?

With United Mechanical, a career in HVAC services and construction can be incredibly rewarding. Working as an HVAC technician allows you to start from the ground up, gaining the training and certifications to advance in the field and put your expertise to good use.

With our commitment to delivering quality customer service and our high standards for HVAC construction, maintenance,  and repair projects, we provide growth opportunities and on-the-job training to ensure our team always does its best work.

Get on-the-job training

At United Mechanical, you get hands-on training on the job. Our basic HVAC training programs allow entry-level employees to learn the foundations of HVAC maintenance and repair. Then, continuing education and first-hand experience allow you to become an industry expert over time.

Endless growth opportunities

The HVAC industry offers endless growth opportunities. Each project is unique, and the United Mechanical team continually strives to give customers better, more innovative solutions. That means there are always opportunities for you to learn and grow as you’re exposed to different aspects of the industry.

HVAC techs earn competitive salaries

Once you’ve completed training, you can earn competitive wages as an HVAC technician. With one of the most robust benefits programs in the area that includes:

insurance (1)

Healthcare (for self and plans available for family)


Multiple retirement packages






Up to 3 weeks paid vacation



Paid training








United Mechanical continues to invest in what we believe is our most important asset, our people.
If you are interested in learning more, please contact us today.

What types of HVAC positions could you fill at United Mechanical?

At United Mechanical, we take a detail-oriented approach to every project, relying on our experience and knowledge of plumbing, pipefitting, sheet metal work, and HVAC systems to plan for the unexpected and meet aggressive project deadlines. We want HVAC professionals that can meet these standards while keeping customers involved and informed every step of the way.

Interested in a career with United Mechanical? Find out more about what HVAC careers involve and why this line of work can offer great potential for your next career move.

We employ:
  • HVAC Service technicians
  • Sheet metal workers
  • Pipefitters
  • Plumbers
  • Project manager
  • Project engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • And more!

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Fill out an application with us today! We’re hiring across all three branches of United Mechanical. Our team is always looking for new staff that are passionate about doing quality work. 

United Mechanical is an equal opportunity employer, and our family-run atmosphere welcomes applicants and new employees from all backgrounds. Find out where an HVAC career can take you with United Mechanical.